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Cryolipolysis at Perfect Skin Berlin

Let your problem areas around your belly, hips, legs or double chin be handled carefully by us. With the cold therapy – the innovative and tested cryolipolysis – at Perfect Skin Berlin.

In the last few years, cryolipolysis has increasingly gained ground and become well-established in the area of body contouring. With more than 450,000 documented treatments worldwide, cryolipolysis is one of the most popular alternatives to liposuction.

Scientists have found out that fat cells react to cold in a more sensitive way than other body cells. Cryolipolysis embraces this principle.

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Cryolipolysis treatment at Perfect Skin Berlin:

Before the treatment, a consultation is conducted, our experienced Perfect Skin Berlin therapists analyse your problem areas and decide whether you are suitable for cryolipolysis or rather for a 3D-Lipomed treatment or a fat-away-injection. If you opt for cryolipolysis at Perfect Skin Berlin, your medical history is taken.

The unwanted fat deposits are identified and marked. The cold applicators are placed exactly on these areas. The section is sucked with a vacuum and cooled down for an hour.

The treatment is completely painless. You can use the hour to relax in the great atmosphere of Perfect Skin Berlin, to listen to music, read or even sleep.

Kryolipolyse Berlin

After the treatment you should drink a lot, naturally water or unsweetened tea. This way your lymphatic system is stimulated, and the detached fat cells can be transported away more easily.

You should be able to see the result after four to eight weeks.