• Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal with PlexR – an effective alternative to laser removal

At Perfect Skin Berlin, we remove tattoos using PlexR plasma technology. With this method the tattoo is removed without destroying the color pigments, as it is usual with laser tattoo removal. The big advantage: there can be no more toxic fission products. The BfR (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment) has found out in studies that irradiation of the copper-containing pigment phthalocyanine blue can produce, among other things, the highly toxic hydrogen cyanide.

Your health is very important to us. That is why the effective and gentle PlexR method is used for tattoo removal at Perfect Skin in Berlin. We do not offer laser removal of tattoos.

Independent of color – gentle – non-toxic

A real alternative to conventional laser procedures is the PlexR plasma method for removing tattoos.

It does not destroy any color pigments that the body has to remove via the lymphatic system. The formation of harmful fission products or the deposition of substances is also not possible with the PlexR method.

With PlexR, the pigment is gently pulled out of the skin. The plasma creates electroporations in the skin, through which the pigment, completely undestroyed and regardless of color, is simply drawn to the surface of the skin.


Tattoo removal

  • color independent
  • relatively painless
  • scar-free
  • gentle - no pigment splitting

What does this treatment cost?

Tattoo removal

small area
50 EUR
medium-sized area
150 EUR
according to individual agreement
from 99 EUR

Tattoo removal

You should know this::

Duration of treatment:

app. 20 min

Type of treatment:

minimally invasive with local anesthesia


app. one week




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