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Prices for permanent hair removal in Berlin-Mitte

Below is a price overview for treatments at the Perfect Skin Institute Berlin.
The prices are considered standard values and may vary depending on the scope and degree of the work.

Please select a field you are interested in:

» Instrument-based facial treatments

» For a dramatic look

» PlexR treatments

» Anti-wrinkle treatment by injection: Hyaluron

» Laser facial treatments

» Acne laser treatment

» IPL facial and body treatments

» Permanent hair removal for man and woman

» Body shaping

» HIFU - hochintensiver fokussierter Ultraschall

» Body shaping with 3D Lipomed

» Radio frequency (Accent XL by ALMA Laser)

» Tooth whitening

» Fat-away injection – Aqualyx

» Cryolipolysis