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Tattoo removal with PlexR – an alternative to laser removal

At Perfect Skin Berlin, we now remove tattoos with the PlexR plasma method. The technology has impressed us for its ability to keep the pigment intact, as opposed to the conventional Q-Switch laser or similar laser procedures. This has the great advantage of avoiding any toxic fission products. The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung, BfR) has discovered that the radiation of the copper pigment phthalocyanine-blue can generate, among others, the highly toxic hydrocyanic acid.

We at Perfect Skin Berlin have therefore decided not to use laser and, as of now, provide our clients with the gentle PlexR method.

Independent of colour – gentle – non-toxic

The PlexR plasma method represents a real alternative to traditional laser procedures for removing tattoos.

No colour pigments are destroyed or transported away through the lymphatic system. No harmful substances are created in the pigment fission.

With PlexR, the pigment is carefully extracted from the skin. The plasma generates electroporation in the skin, through which the pigment, completely intact and independent of colour, is simply pulled to the surface of the skin.


  • independent of colour
  • relatively painless
  • scar-free
  • gentle – no pigment disintegration

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