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Thread lifting in Berlin-Mitte

Face lifting without a scalpel

When gravity leaves its mark, with time we lose our contours. So-called “hamster cheeks” appear, the corners of the mouth point downwards or the cheek sags loosely... – the elasticity of the skin decreases with the years and with hormonal changes.

Thread lifting is a new lifting treatment with especially developed threads. Perfect Skin uses 100 % absorbable threads made of polydioxanone (PDO), which have been used in medicine for decades.

There are generally two kinds of thread:

  • Structuring threads
    They are sometimes applied like a grid in the sagging skin to reconstruct the tissue. At Perfect Skin Berlin, we have obtained very good results in the area of the face but also on the body (knee area or for sagging skin on the arms), the spiral threads work very well also on the neck.
  • Pulling threads
    By using pulling threads, a mini-lift can be obtained. Particularly suitable for the contour (the jawline).

With thread lifting, you always reach a very beautiful natural result.

Fadenlifting in Berlin Mitte

These special, disintegrating threads are applied in the subcutaneous fat tissue. The skin is tightened and the tissue is lifted to its original position. Would you like to find out more? Simply arrange a consultation with us.

Thread lifting in Berlin

The treatment with biodegradable threads made of polydioxanone combines two effects:

The immediately visible tightening of the treatment area is followed by a reactivation – the so-called biostimulation – of the connective tissue, so that the skin also gains firmness. Through a targeted wrinkle treatment, immediate, naturally active and long-lasting skin tightening can be achieved.

The benefits:

  • very good tolerability
  • 100 % degradable
  • visible rejuvenating effect without scars
  • stimulation of your own collagen production
  • long-lasting effect
  • natural lifting with preservation of your own facial expressions

The treatment:

Every face is unique. In the course of a detailed consultation, I can see and analyse the structures and the firmness of your skin. Only then can I recommend the best treatment for your problem. At Perfect Skin Berlin you have many options to choose from, e.g.

  • the hyaluron injection – to rebuild, fill and also nourish the skin
  • thread lifting – to tighten and rebuild
  • the collagen stimulator (Ellansé) – to model the chin line, the contour, to fill and to rebuild
  • the fat-away-injection – to reduce and to tighten.
  • Success often lies in combining the individual methods.