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i Lipo fat-away-laser therapy Berlin

i Lipo fat away Laser BerlinWith the i Lipo fat-away-laser, it is possible to treat the annoying reserve deposits on the belly, buttocks or thigh. Smaller surfaces such as double chin, upper arms and chest can of course also be treated successfully.

The treatment is completely painless. You can lie comfortably on the treatment table. Applicators are applied on the problem areas. The light penetrates the fat cells and, for the duration of the exposure time, makes the membrane of the fat cells porous, so that the detached fat can come out of the cell. At the same time, this activates the lymph flow in the body, through which the detached fat is transported away.

To specifically consume the energy released by the i Lipo, a 30 to 45-minute cardio physical activity must be carried out on the day of treatment; the treatment should ideally take place twice a week in a period of 4-6 weeks.

To obtain a good result, 4-8 treatments are recommended.

At Perfect Skin we also work with Accent, a radio frequency device.

After a detailed consultation, we arrange a treatment plan according to your needs. As we view your problem with a holistic approach, we would be very happy to combine various methods. We consider it very important to actively end the treatment with highly efficient Power Plate training.

fat away laser treatment
fat away laser treatment
fat away with laser

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