• Treat scars gently, effectively and effectively

Reduce acne scars, stretch marks, surgical scars or stretch marks

For years, the Perfect Skin Berlin team has specialized in the treatment of acne scars, accident scars, stretch marks and stretch marks. Our state-of-the-art technologies and our tried and tested treatment concepts help us with the difficult task of softening or minimizing scars. Scar treatment is one of the most difficult aesthetic skin treatments. The scar tissue is often of inferior quality, it is hardly elastic, hasn’t normal pigmentation and is often very poorly supplied with blood. In all fairness it has to be said that the restoration of the original skin is not possible. Our goal is to improve the complexion and structure of the skin as much as possible. To make a beautiful inconspicuous scar out of a noticeable annoying scar.

Reduce scars with unique laser technology, radio frequency and special needling

When treating scar tissue, a combination of different techniques is all the more important in order to achieve a satisfactory result. Therefore, at Perfect Skin Berlin, different treatment concepts are used to reduce unsightly scars. We were able to achieve visible and convincing results with the combination of microdermabrasion, chemical peeling and fractionated laser technology and the N-Lite V3 laser.

Treatment of scars in Berlin

Almost every one of us has had a scar in our life. If it appears prominently and visibly on the face or in other visible parts of the body, it begins to burden and disturb you, or even to reduce your self-confidence. At Perfect Skin Berlin we have specialized in the treatment of annoying scars for many years. We have various effective laser techniques, peeling processes, microneedling and injections at our disposal. Treatment depends on the type of scar. The fresher the scar, the more blood flow is in the tissue and the greater the chances of a good result.


Years of experience and the use of highly effective laser technology and other modern treatment methods make it possible at Perfect Skin Berlin to treat bothersome and conspicuous acne scars, accident scars, pregnancy and stretch marks very effectively. Depending on type and age of the scars, we will recommend an individual and effective treatment concept for you.

Treatment of scars

  • effective and visible results
  • smoother and calmer skin
  • reduce unloved scars

What does this treatment cost?

Treatment of scars in Berlin

from 50 EUR
Cheek area
from 150 EUR

Treatment of scars

You should know that:

Duration of treatment:

from 30 min


no strong sun exposure after the treatment


depending on the treatment




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