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  • 3D-LipoMed – the innovation in the field of body contouring and fat treatment

Treatment of cellulite on the stomach, legs and buttocks with revolutionary technology

3D LipoMed is the UK’s most popular application for nearly all aesthetic body problems. Celebrities already swear by this method to treat fat, dents and cellulite quickly and easily. You can also benefit from this innovative treatment method at Perfect Skin. The 3D LipoMed connects and combines the best properties of the individual application technologies.

Cryolipolysis With cryolipolysis, so-called fat pockets are sucked into the applicator with the help of a vacuum and cooled in a targeted manner. Compared to other types of tissue, the fat cells are much more susceptible to cold and can therefore be treated with cryolipolysis.

Radio frequency With radio frequency it is possible: the targeted heating of deep tissue layers leads to a contraction and formation of new collagen fibers and thus to a smoothing of the skin’s appearance.

Lipomassage In order to maximize the effect of the previous treatments, the last step is lipomassage. A vacuum massage, similar to lymphatic drainage, strengthens the connective tissue and promotes its removal. At the same time, the blood circulation and thus the oxygen supply to the tissue is stimulated.

Cellulite, orange peel and dents on the body

The system combines the most important components for treatment in the areas mentioned above. Depending on the individual starting point, the technologies can be used individually or in combination with one another. With the non-invasive treatment we can for the first time reach different skin layers at the same time and treat them in parallel.

The 3D LipoMed performs the cryolipolysis , radio frequency and vacuum lipomassage together.


You lie down completely relaxed on our comfortable treatment couch. With three effective methods of the 3 D-LipoMed device in one session, your problem areas are treated gently and effectively. Apart from a cozy warmth they feel nothing. The treatment runs without side effects and pain.

3 D-LipoMed body treatment

  • smooth and firm skin
  • without side effects
  • gentle reduction in circumference

What does this treatment cost?

3 D-LipoMed treatment

4 individual treatment zones
180 EUR
4 x 4 zones package
700 EUR

3 D-LipoMed

You should know that:

Duration of treatment:

1- 8 treatments at weekly intervals


4-pack or 8-pack


none, immediately socially acceptable again


a booster treatment is recommended after approx. 6 months


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