• Permanently beautiful permanent make-up in the middle of Berlin

Already beautiful in the morning

Finally beautiful eyebrows, perfectly shaped lips or emphasized eyelids … no annoying tracing every morning or after exercise – with a permanent make-up at Perfect Skin Berlin this dream can come true.

Finally beautiful eyebrows

Beautiful eyebrows give our face a contour, a defined expression. But your own natural eyebrows are often not so beautiful. There are tiny hairs missing in the places where the beautifully shaped arch should actually be. Or the brow shortens and is no longer there at the edge.

At Perfect Skin Berlin, our expert Dagmara takes a lot of time for advice. Together the right shape and color are found and first sketched out. After all, after the treatment, the eyebrows should be beautiful and symmetrical.

Permanent Make Up at Berlin Mitte

During the permanent make-up treatment, a previously selected color that is precisely tailored to the skin type is applied to the skin. Then the certified color is stabbed into the skin with the help of the device. The lines resemble the fine hairs of your eyebrows in their shape, length and color and a completely natural appearance is possible. Dagmara from Perfect Skin Berlin regularly attends workshops so that the latest trends and methods are always used and a very natural result can be achieved.

Permanently beautiful eyebrows

Who is permanent make-up suitable for?
– Very thin brows can be optically thickened by plucking too much
– Gaps can be filled in
– Eyebrows can be given a new shape, a new, sweeping arch
– For active people who do a lot of sport and always want to look well-groomed

Areas of application:
– Eyebrows
– Eyeliner: Upper and lower eyelid
– Lash line compression
– Lips: Full or half shading
– Correction
– Refreshing faded permanent make-up


Permanent Make Up

  • always well-groomed appearance
  • no more blurring
  • emphasizes beautiful, permanent shapes

What does this treatment cost?

Permanent Make Up at Berlin

349 EUR
Upper eyelid
239 EUR
Lower eyelid
239 EUR
Upper and lower eyelid
399 EUR
from 390 EUR

Permanent Make Up

You should know that:

Duration of treatment:

from 1 hour

Type of treatment:

minimally invasive with local anesthesia


app one day


app 2-3 years


When is the treatment not possible?

Permanent make-up is not carried out at Perfect Skin Berlin if
– there is an acute illness or inflammation in the treatment area,
– during pregnancy
– or breastfeeding or
– in the case of diabetes, HIV infection or hepatitis.

What happens during a treatment?

A lot of time and quiet is taken at Perfect Skin Berlin for the conversation and the drawing of the desired shape. The right color is selected together. It may also be necessary to remove an old, recorded, no longer beautiful Permanent Make Up entfernt. That is also possible. It only starts when everything is right. Let us advise you in detail about your options.


Wir nehmen uns gerne für Sie ausreichend Zeit, beraten Sie und finden zusammen den für Sie passenden Behandlungsplan. Unsere Beratungsgespräche sind kostenfrei und unverbindlich. Wir freuen uns auf Sie!
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