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PlexR skin rejuvenation in Berlin

Almost everyone knows it: from mid-40s the skin begins to sag, it feels a size too big, wrinkles develop – typical signs of aging such as drooping eyelids, lip lines, crow’s feet, neck wrinkles, but also age warts, age spots or xanthelasma and fibromas develop

Small intervention with great effect

Finally there is a serious alternative to surgical eyelid tightening and wrinkle treatment, now at Perfect Skin Berlin – the new PlexR plasma technology.

The very comfortable and relatively painless PlexR method (a local anesthetic cream is sufficient) is quick and can be carried out as a “lunchtime” treatment. The results are immediately visible and last for years.

We at Perfect Skin Berlin are very pleased to introduce this latest plasma technology to our customers. We are thrilled with the results and the treatment with PlexR. We are happy to take enough time to inform you about the possibilities of the latest plasma technology, arrange a free consultation.

The innovation for skin treatment without a scalpel

In addition to the eyelid lift, we can also treat pronounced and stubborn upper lip wrinkles and marionette lines. The nice and convincing thing is: the result is very natural and lasts a very long time. Nothing can be over-corrected here.

The PlexR is also used for very gentle tattoo removal or permanent make-up removal. The pigment is pulled out of the tissue undamaged. No color particles get into the lymphatic system. This type of tattoo removal is also independent of color.

The results are also impressive when it comes to scar treatments.

Convince yourself and arrange a free consultation.

PlexR plasma technology - eyelid lift without surgery

Without surgery – without anesthesia – without incision

The PlexR® plasma technology at Perfect Skin Berlin uses the fascinating power of nature to positively influence the skin surface through an ion cloud. PlexR creates an atmospheric plasma that enables precise tissue ablation through sublimation and creates an entire skin reaction. The underlying tissue is spared due to the lack of heat dissipation. An important component of the PlexR plasma penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and can efficiently tighten the tissue. Active plasma components cause an improvement in the blood circulation, a faster regeneration of the skin cells and the formation of new, qualitatively better skin collagen. The result is significant skin tightening and lifting.

In addition, the PlexR plasma has a healing effect so that the treated skin can heal quickly and without scars.

The medium PLASMA

The English physicist Sir William Crookes discovered the 4th state of matter of matter in 1879: plasma. It consists of a cloud of ionized particles (atoms, molecules, and electrons) that are electrically positively and negatively charged. About 99% of the visible universe consists of plasma.

Treatment areas:

  • Eyelid lift (non-invasive blepharoplasty)
  • Wrinkle treatment: Upper lip wrinkles, mouth wrinkles, crow’s feet on the eye, forehead wrinkles, cheek wrinkles, neck wrinkles, elastosis
  • Treatment of acne
  • Treatment of scars
  • Removal of pigment disorders (hyper and hypopigmentation)
  • Stretch marks (striae distensae)
  • Tattoo removal, (independent of color) Permanent make-up removal for all colors
  • Xanthelasma

Are there any side effects?

  • local swelling, after the treatment we recommend cooling
  • Edema is possible in the first three days
  • Scab formation can appear after one to two days, this must not be scraped off, it falls off by itself after approx. 5-7 days


  • no anesthesia required, it is numbed with a local cream
  • no cuts
  • no scars
  • immediately visible result
  • long lasting effect


Without surgery, without anesthesia, only with a local anesthetic, your drooping eyelids are gently removed at Perfect Skin Berlin. With the PlexR technology it is possible to work very precisely and purposefully. You can see the result immediately after the treatment.

Eyelid lift

  • without surgery
  • an open, alert look
  • no anesthesia

What does this treatment cost?

Eyelid lift

Upper eyelid lift
500 EUR
Lower eyelid lift
500 EUR
Crow's feet
350 EUR

Eyelid lift

You should know that:

Duration of treatment:

app. one hour

Mode of action:

minimally invasive with local anesthesia


five days


long, several years


We will be happy to take enough time for you, advise you and work together to find the right treatment plan for you. Our consultations are free of charge and non-binding. We look forward to meeting you!
We speak German, English, Polish and Vietnamese.

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