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  • Beautiful, naturally well-formed lips!

Don’t be afraid of rubber dinghies or unnaturally splashed lips!

The mouth is the eye-catcher on our face. A beautiful structure sets an important accent and ensures a fresh and youthful appearance.

With increasing age, natural aging processes make the lips narrower and rotate inward. Often the red lips even disappear completely. The lip contours are also washed out and the clear lines dry up due to the wrinkles on the upper lip. The daily application of the lipstick becomes arduous. Our expression begins to look dogged and careless.

Beautiful, red full lips give the face that certain something

Even if the cheeks are nicely built up, the marionette fold and the nasolabial fold have been lifted, an important accent is missing on the face – your lips. Unfortunately, it is an irrefutable fact: the volume, the fullness of the lips decreases more and more with age. All the nicer At Perfect Skin Berlin we can very gently and carefully and above all restore the natural beauty of your lips. Our many years of experience and our results speak for themselves.

At Perfect Skin Berlin, we naturally and carefully rebuild your lips.

With a special lip preparation from Teoxane, it is possible for us to build up your lips almost without any pain and to make them visible again without them looking over-corrected or sprayed on. We don’t want to change you, but rather turn back the age clock by a few years. You will be surprised how naturally this works. Unfortunately, poorly and exaggerated results from sprayed lips or so-called inflatable lips have negatively affected the reputation of lip spraying.

Through our years of experience, daily use and regular workshop visits, we can achieve aesthetically very appealing and seductive results, curb the aging process and contribute to improved self-esteem and self-confidence.


At Perfect Skin in Berlin, we gently and, above all, naturally rebuild your lips. We only use high-quality hyaluronic acid preparations specially developed for this purpose. Various techniques are available to us for the individual execution of the treatment. When using the blunt cannula, we restore the natural shape of your lips. If you want a particularly expressive shape, we use the Russian Lips or the French Kiss method. It is most important to us that you get exactly the result that you expect. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer you exactly that: A sensually beautifully shaped, natural-looking lip!

Fill lips naturally

  • naturally beautiful result
  • full sensual beautiful lips
  • relatively painless

What does this treatment cost?

Lip injecting

from 0,7 ml Hyaluron
199 EUR
1 ml Hyaluron
245 EUR

Lip injecting

You should know that:

Duration of treatment:

45 min

Mode of action:



none or up to 3 days


6-12 month


Which methods and techniques are used at Perfect Skin Berlin?

All common techniques are used at Perfect Skin Berlin. We are constantly educating ourselves and can apply the latest trends. The focus is on your desire and your lip anatomy. We inform you in great detail about realistic possible results. The injection technique to be used depends on this, from Russian Lips to lip filling with a blunt cannula or French Kiss technique.

Am I socially acceptable after the lip injection?

Immediately after the injection, the lips are a little swollen. They can cool there. A bruise can always appear, which then quickly disappears. The first few days, especially in the morning after getting up, your lips will also be a little swollen. But that happens during the day.


We will be happy to take enough time for you, advise you and work together to find the right treatment plan for you. Our consultations are free of charge and non-binding. We look forward to meeting you!
We speak German, English, Polish and Vietnamese.

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