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  • Thread lifting in Berlin Mitte

Face-lifting without a scalpel

When gravity leaves its mark, we lose our contours over time. The so-called “hamster cheeks” appear, the corners of the mouth point downwards or the cheek hangs limply … – the elasticity of the skin has decreased over the years and due to hormonal changes.

Thread lifting is a new lifting treatment with specially developed threads. Perfect Skin uses 100% absorbable threads made of polydioxanone (PDO), as they have been used in medicine for decades.

There are basically two types of threads:

  • The build-up threads
    These are smooth or spiral threads. Some of them are brought into the slack skin like a grid in order to rebuild the tissue. At Perfect Skin Berlin we achieve excellent results in the area of ​​the face and body (knee area or with slack skin on the arms). We also use spiral threads successfully to improve the skin structure on the neck.
  • The pulling threads
    A mini-lift can be achieved with the help of the pull threads. They are very well suited for quickly and visibly improving the facial contour (jaw line).

With the thread lifting one always achieves a very nice natural result.

These special, dissolving threads are applied to the subcutaneous fatty tissue. The skin is tightened and the tissue is raised to its original position. Have we piqued your interest? Just make an appointment for a consultation.

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